Top 20 Vitamin B3 Foods To Include In Your Diet

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3. Pork:

Pork is one of the most widely consumed meats after chicken and beef, but it has a higher content of vitamin B3 when compared to both. A serving of 100 grams cooked lean pork chops contains 10.9 mg niacin contributing 54%DV. Other pork items that are good sources of vitamin B3 include lean mince and sirloin providing 44% and 35% DV of vitamin B3 respectively in 3 oz. serving each. You can have pork few times in a week, but always opt for lean cuts to keep the fat content to the minimum.

4. Beef:

Beef is another great source of vitamin B3 providing 9 mg or 45% DV in a 100 grams serving of cooked lean rib. Other beef cuts that are good sources of niacin include lean sirloin steak (38% DV), beef fillet (37% DV) and tenderloin (36% DV) in a 3 oz. serving.

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