Top 20 Vitamin B3 Foods To Include In Your Diet

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9. Peanuts:

These crunchy legumes can greatly help in fulfilling your vitamin B3 requirements. A serving of 100 grams peanuts roasted in oil provides 13.8 mg or 69% DV of vitamin B3. They are also high in calories with an ounce serving containing 168 calories. Peanut butter is equally beneficial in terms of vitamin B3 if it contains peanuts as the sole ingredient.

10. Liver:

Organ meats score high in terms of their nutritional value and vitamin B3 is one of them. Liver is an excellent source with a single cooked lamb liver providing a whopping 53.7 mg or 269% DV of niacin. Other livers that are high in niacin include beef (75% DV), veal (61% DV), chicken (57% DV) and (pork 36% DV).

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