22 must-see Hollywood attractions

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Hollywood boasts an international reputation that no other neighborhood in Los Angeles has. Though parts of the area can be downright filthy, Hollywood still sparkles with gems of old glamorous hotels and celebrity hangouts along with an emerging urban cityscape. Follow our guide to what to see in Hollywood and tour the iconic movie town’s must-visit attractions along with a few stops away from the crowds on the Walk of Fame and Sunset Boulevard.

The Hollywood Sign

Originally created in 1923, the then “Hollywoodland” sign was supposed to be up for only a year and a half, yet here it is over 90 years later. There’s plenty of parking to view the sign by Lake Hollywood Park, the easiest to reach viewpoint. The streets get pretty narrow so make sure you drive extra slow. Looking to get even closer? Lace up for a trek along the dirt road on Mt Lee Dr to where you will be standing directly above the Hollywood Sign and can experience a total 360-degree view of the cityscape.

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