22 must-see Hollywood attractions

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El Capitan

Yearning to relive your childhood and indulge in a Disney flick? El Capitan’s your spot—the lavish 1926-built theater screens Disney’s most current feature along with classics in between releases. Tickets are indeed pricier than other nearby cinemas, but then again, where else do you get to dine at a classic fountain and see a 2,500-pipe organ be played before the show?

Griffith Observatory

Though technically outside of the neighborhood, this LA landmark feels like an essential party of any Hollywood visit. The vista here is stunning, particularly at night when Los Angeles twinkles below. Inside you’ll find a bevy of exhibits, including a Foucault pendulum, Tesla coil and planetarium show. Give yourself plenty of time before the 10pm closing to gaze through the 12-inch refracting telescope on the roof, otherwise you can look through the far less crowded modern, reflecting telescope on the front lawn.

Amoeba Music

As iTunes has erased CDs from our collective memory, the LA branch of SF’s Amoeba Music could easily be seen as a mausoleum to actually leaving the house to buy music. But this, the largest independent record store in the US, is very much alive. The variety of stock (CDs and DVDs, new and used) is awesome, the prices are fair and the staff know their onions.

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