Top 10 Famous Hollywood Actress Goes Nude on Screen in Movie

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Working in Hollywood isn’t easy at all, for both the actors as well as actresses are required to do a lot of hard work to rise to fame, popularity and riches. When on one side the males in Hollywood leave no stone unturned to outwork themselves whenever it comes to soaking themselves deep into their respective roles, the females, too perform some stunts in this context.

These Hollywood actresses do not feel shy in shedding some clothes off their body just to meet the requirements of the scene in their movies. There are many actresses in the movie industry who have often let themselves go nude on the screen for their roles. This has made them popular as well. Following are the top 10 famous Hollywood actresses who have gone nude on screen in movies.

1 Sharon Stone

The beautiful actress Sharon Stone has become the sex symbol for a number of people. Thanks to her beautiful face and a natural sex appeal that she uses in all her roles during her movies. She has never minded going nude for her roles in movies and did the same for a number of times.

The movies like Silver, Fading Gigolo, Basic Instinct, The Specialist, etc. gained her more popularity when she decided to strip off her clothes.

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