Top 10 Hollywood Muscle Men

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8. Mark Wahlberg

Former rapper, model, and bad boy, Mark Wahlberg, has pretty much always been into the whole health and fitness lifestyle. We’ve seen the results of this lifestyle in some of his movies. Pain and Gain is the movie that’ll always be remembered for Mark and Dwayne Johnson’s buff look. They were immense on screen; it’s just a way of life these guys.

7. Jason Statham

Action man Jason Statham has the looks and the body to match. He used to be a model, and a competitive diver, before he found fame and fortune in the movie industry. Around two decades after making his acting debut, he’s one of Hollywood’s hottest entities, and has starred in some of the best action movies of the last decade. He’s another guy who’s still going strong, even at the age of 50 – that’s dedication for you.

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