Top 10 Most Adorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments: Hollywood

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8. When she farted on the Queen of England

Most people would consider a first meeting with the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch to be a very serious affair, but a true jokester like Jennifer Lawrence just can’t resist the opportunity for a great gag. So instead of shaking Queen Elizabeth II’s hand, she got up on a stool, turned around, bent over and ripped a big juicy fart right in the old Queen’s face, eliciting riotous laughter from the entire crowd. The Queen later commented that she thought it was “very funny” and that the young star has “a lot of spunk.”

7. When she denied the Holocaust

On her latest quirky, charming appearance on TBS’s Conan, JLaw delivered her most memorable interview yet, in which she questioned the plausibility of the Holocaust. “Six million people is a lot of people,” mused the adorable celeb. “I mean, what were all their names? Where are the bodies? Where’s the evidence?!” Though she received thunderous applause from the studio audience, the always-diplomatic Lawrence later clarified that she was “just asking questions.”

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