Top 10 Most Adorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments: Hollywood

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6. When she stuck an Oscar in Hugh Jackman’s butt

While she’s always been known for her hilarious pranks, JLaw took it to the next level at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony when she accosted fellow celebrity and X-Men: Days of Future Past costar Hugh Jackman from behind, pulled down his pants and underwear, and forcibly shoved a golden Oscar statue deep into his rectum on live television, then proceeded to laugh hysterically at the Australian actor’s pain and humiliation for several minutes. While Jackman ultimately chose not to press charges, he has obtained a restraining order against her. Could this be the start of another big Hollywood feud?

5. When she drunkenly vomited on a bunch of homeless people

In another one of her classic talk show anecdotes, the Winter’s Bone star shared the story of a time she was partying just a bit too hard in Downtown Los Angeles and stumbled upon LA’s infamous “Skid Row” district, where many of the city’s homeless population reside. While having a good laugh with her friends at the misfortune of those who are forced to live outside, she became sick and accidentally puked all over a dozen or so indigents who were just trying to sleep there on the sidewalk and didn’t want any trouble. Whoops!

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