Top 10 Most Adorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments: Hollywood

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2. When she and Chris Pratt sacrificed a baby to promote Passengers

Anyone who’s been following the press tour for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s new space romance film Passengers knows that the two affable costars love to pull all kinds of fun and hilarious promotional stunts, but they really outdid themselves earlier this week when they performed a ritual sacrifice of an infant child on Facebook Live. Donning black robes and lit only by candles, they placed the child at the center of a pentagram drawn on the ground in goat’s blood, and each unsheathed their ceremonial knives. After reciting a quick incantation in unison, praying for the Dark Lord to bestow glory upon the highly-anticipated new sci-fi adventure romp, they each stabbed the two-month-old baby repeatedly in the torso and took turns drinking blood directly from its wounds. It’s so rare these days to see celebrities showing their spiritual side to the world! Very cool!

1. When she assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey

While the fatal shooting of Russian ambassador Andrey G. Karlov was initially thought to be committed by an ISIS sympathizer in retaliation for atrocities in Syria, it turned out to be, you guessed it: Jennifer Lawrence, pulling off another one of her trademark goofs. Shortly after the incident, both Russian and Turkish officials issued statements of gratitude to the American Hustle star for injecting a much-needed dose of humor and frivolity amidst this grim geopolitical moment. Woo! Go, JLaw!

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