Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses 2017

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The spell of Hollywood actresses spreads all around the world. You can never stop yourself from loving these gorgeous and talented beauty divas. Gone are the days when the actresses were only considered to be perfect when they used to perform well, but nowadays their beauty, talent and behavior all is being counted for their success.

Imaging a movie without an actress sounds like a joke, isn’t it so? Yes, definitely, but despite the fact that an actress acts like the backbone of a movie, she earns a lot from every project or movie. actresses are getting paid high, but not all. Only a few successful actresses can be credited to be the richest celebrities. So let us see which top 10 high ranked and richest actresses are dominating the world of entertainment in 2017.

10. Penelope Cruz: net worth USD34 million

Penelope Cruz is the twinkling actress of. She is famous for not only her performance and successful movies but also for her sexy and attractive personality. Penelope’s net worth is almost USD34 million.

9. Meryl Streep: net worth USD45 million

Naming Meryl Streep to be a perfectionist in her field would not be wrong at all. She is a multi-talented woman of the era, and no doubt one of the richest actresses. Her current net worth is over USD45 million.

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