Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses 2017

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4. Jennifer Aniston: net worth USD120 million

Jennifer owns about USD120 million, and she has earned this much money from her professional acting career. Jennifer Aniston is still the fame of the era, and she is working both in film and television industries of America. Mostly Jennifer Aniston gives preference to the leading roles, but as she has turned 33 years, so I believe the directors would hesitate for casting her in leading roles in their high-budget movies. But it does not mean she is not being casted as an actress, the fact is that she is performing the lead role in many of the upcoming movies and busy in doing a bunch of television shows.

3. Angelina Jolie: net worth USD125 million

When the name of Angelina Jolie comes to our minds, we start thinking of the so many Oscar and Filmfare Awards she has won. Her current net worth from the movies she worked in is about USD125 million. Angelina has had been involved in various social and charity projects and acted like a refugee who is always ready to help the needy and poor individuals. She even donated a big amount of her money to various NGOs.

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