Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses 2017

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2. Drew Barrymore: net worth USD126 million

When it comes to name Drew Barrymore, a super cool, sexy and wonderful actress, then I cannot stop myself saying that the secret behind her success is her endless efforts and dedication for her movies. She is not the woman born with a golden spoon in the mouth, but she took the life as a challenge and entered at a very young age. She is a remarkable and well talented American actress and of course a rich one as well. Drew has so far earned about USD126 million from her movies.

1. Julia Roberts: net worth USD170 million

Julia, Julia, Julia—none of the diva is as famous and gorgeous as this 31 years old lady is. Julia Roberts is like a sparkling star of America who enlightens the world with her beauty and charm. I don’t think I need to enlist the movies and successful projects she has worked on, this wonderful lady owns almost USD170 million and still is expected to earn a lot more in a few more years.

There are still many more actresses who are to join the race of success, but naming the above to be the richest in the world is absolutely correct by all the means because these charming women are the most dominating.

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