8 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Marriage

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4) Time flies by

Think about when you first start dating someone – you end up being infatuated with them. You’re probably young and figuring yourself out, too. All of the ups and downs you go through and the amount of time you spend getting to know your new lover can feel like an eternity. Time almost stands still. Not so when you’re married. Once you’ve sealed the deal and are together forever, life seems to blow by. That could be because new obligations find you (like buying a house or raising children) or it could be that you never feel like you have enough time to spend with your partner.

5) You do more

When you’re single your schedule is your schedule. When you’re married, you have two people’s schedules to accommodate. There are also the minor tasks of keeping up your house and paying bills. Post-wedding day it will feel as though responsibilities are piling on your plate, as are get-togethers and party invites from various guests. The key is to roll with it. Juggling so many hats can be fun!

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