Top 10 Richest Persons of the World 2017

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You might also be shocked like me after hearing that “Jeff Bezos surpassed Bill Gates as the world’s Richest Person“. Yeah, still I can’t believe that is this really true. Yup! this is true. (I am still Shocked). The Owner and CEO of Amazon. (He was the guy who used to sell books to manage his daily expenses and now he is …) Really Impressing.


Chief Executive Officer of Amazon
Net Worth- $91.5 Billion
(Jeffrey Preston Bezos)(12th January 1994)
This amazing guy from North America once used to sell books and now he is selling whatever he wants. He quit his job to start his own, that’s his ‘Amazon‘. Jeff believes in Team Work. Which he proved today. Next plan of Jeff is to launch An Amazon Prime Air 😉


Co-founder of Microsoft
Net Worth- $91.1 Billion
(William Henry Gates)(28th October 1995)
We always used to see this special name always on the top of every list, but today it is ranking 2nd because hard work of Jeff Bezos proved that, ‘Nothing is Impossible in World‘. Actually, there is no need to introduce this awesome person cause everyone knows this. 🙂
He is the inspiration to the world. Bill Gates is the co-founder and technology adviser of Worlds Largest PC software company.

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