Top 10 Richest Persons of the World 2017

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Executive Vice President, Koch Industries
Net Worth – $48.5 Billion
(David Hamilton Koch)(3rd May 1940)
He is the Chemical Engineer. Yeah, if you are a Chemical Engineer then there are higher chances to become world’s richest person 😉 Hehe (Kidding..) He is the brother of the man we saw just a seconds before. Yup, he is the brother of Charles Koch (Bro Power 😉). David shares a majority stake in Koch Industries. He oversees Koch’s Chemical Technology Group. He is one of the big donors for Cancer treatment.


CEO of Bloomberg L.P.
Net Worth – $53.3 Billion
(Michel Rubens “Mike” Bloomberg)(14th February 1942)
This Valentine Man 😉 got fired from the company with whom he was working with more than 15 years. And he is the founder, CEO, and owner of Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg L.P. is the Global Financial Services, mass media, the software company. The company bears his name ” Bloomberg“. Mike has donated more than $4 billion to climate change and other causes.

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