Top 10 Sex Positions For Weight Loss That are Double as Exercise

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Many people say that having sex is the best exercise you can ever have. Aside from being a pleasurable experience, all the moves that you do during intercourse can also help you burn lots of calories. But if you wish to maximize the weight loss benefits of sex, here’s a few sex position for weight loss:

1) Doggy-style

This sex position may not be for everyone but being on your all fours can certainly work out your quads and glutes. Not only will your partner finally be able to try out his sex fantasy, but you also get to enjoy a few calorie burning moments too!

2) Cowgirl

Many women love this sex position, mainly because it gives them an amazing control over the sexual experience and their body. In addition to that, they get to enjoy amazing weight loss benefits too as this move puts the lower abs, calves, and pelvic muscles into action.

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