Top 10 Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid

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4) Performing Too Little Exercise… Under-training:

This one is the complete opposite of the previous one… people are famous for taking things to one extreme or the other, no one wants to take a moderate approach. It’s either all or none. The flawed thinking that “if some is good, then more is better” is the root of a lot of potential problems…

Just like some people will think that if some exercise is good, then more must be better. And end up “overtraining”. Others, who have learned about the negatives of overtraining, have taken it to the opposite extreme thinking that “if some rest is good, then more rest is better”.

In fact there is one “fitness guru” in particular who actually suggests that you only need to workout once a month to achieve great results… Now your common sense will tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Seriously, just think about it… how many people do you know personally who have built a lean muscular body by working out once a month? I’ll save you the math… the answer is ZERO.

The fitness media will always play on people’s laziness and therefore try to promote “quick easy workouts” as the answer to getting in shape. But the reality is that working out and getting in shape takes time and effort. There is just no way around it. Anyone who try’s to tell you otherwise is just full of BS…

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