Top 10 Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid

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3) Thinking You Need Supplements To Build Muscle:

The bodybuilding magazines are the ones to blame for this misconception. In a typical magazine over 50% of the pages are advertising (in some cases it’s a lot more). And then a lot of the articles are actually fancy worded sales copy recommending various muscle building and fat burning supplements.

The fact of the matter is that every major bodybuilding magazine is affiliated with at least one supplement company. And there number one priority is NOT providing you with accurate training and nutrition information, but rather trying to convince you to buy their supplements.

The truth is supplements are NOT necessary to build a lean muscular physique. Exercise and nutrition are the only things you REALLY need. Now with that being said, there are some supplements can help the process along a little, but not nearly as much as you may have been lead to believe. About 95% of your results will come from proper training and nutrition. Supplements MAY help give you an extra 5% advantage at most.

But most people have their priorities backwards, and spend most of their time and effort worrying about what supplements to take, rather then focusing on perfecting their training and nutrition, which is responsible for 95% of their overall progress.

I see this all the time… the typical novice bodybuilder who hasn’t even been working out for a full month, doesn’t even know how to add up how many calories he is eating during the day, and then what does he do… he goes looking for a ‘short cut’ by going to the supplement store to get a bottle of “Super Duper Anabolic Muscle Dust 2000”.

Whether it’s winning the lottery or having the perfect body, we all want something for nothing. And it’s a shame that so many people are looking for instant gratification, instead of making the effort to learn how to eat and train better. It makes no sense to “dive” into supplements in hopes of finding an easier way. Get your nutrition and training in order first. Then you can experiment with supplements, if you want to, and see if they make any difference to your overall progress.

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